What’s the Offer

With social distancing becoming the new norm, we’ve teamed up with local suppliers to get you the right workout gear so that you can gym from home, at the right price!

Included in the Physical Wellness Workout Kit
1x Yoga Mat
2x Pairs of Sweatpants
2x Performance T-Shirts

The Sweatpants and Performance T-Shirts are 100% made in Kenya from cotton buffen to achieve the best quality in performance apparel.

In summary, what you will pay for is

Kshs 6,560    Bundled Offer Price
Kshs 1,050     16% Value Added Tax (VAT)
Kshs 350       Delivery Fees (Nairobi Only)

Total Kshs 7,960

Promotion Ended 30th Sep 2021

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