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What’s the Offer?

Success is profound – there are many perceptions of success; This book, “Profiles On Success” by Helen Kithinji and many best selling authors, diversely captures the many angles of success; it’s basically the hub of inspiration!

The book contains proven success tactics and strategies from today’s leading experts, with some of the greatest authors in the personal development arena. The book will undoubtedly open your mind to your own unlimited potential, grab a copy now!!!

Included in this offer
Autographed copy of the book Profiles on Success by Helen Kithinji
FREE bookmark autographed by Helen Kithinji

In summary, what you will pay for is

Kshs 1,875      Promo Offer Price
Kshs 300        16% Value Added Tax (VAT)
Kshs 735        Delivery Fees (Upcountry)

Total Kshs 2,910

Promotion Ends 31st Mar 2021 | Upcountry Deliveries within 72 Hours

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